Cloth Diapers


A cloth diaper is a parent’s swiss knife – simple, compact and with a ton of functions. Have it at hand, for cleaning milk and burps after breastfeeding, use it by the changing table or let the baby find comfort in using it as a snuggle blanket. A cloth diaper can be used for many things, so it is important to have a big arsenal, so you are ready to meet all kinds of challenges. We strive to always have low prices and offers on cloth diapers in all designs.

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Cloth diapers for all purposes

All parents have a sea of cloth diapers in stock – and for a good reason! Cloth diapers are amazing to have for many purposes. With a box of cloth diapers on the table, you are ready for all challenges that can come up in relation with diaper change.

Fill the changing bag with cloth diapers, when you are going away, and use them as an underlay for diaper change, protection from the sun or cleaning of burps. Some children can even find comfort in using cloth diapers as comfort blankets, when it is time to sleep and when it is time for fun.

Cloth diapers in different designs

Cloth diapers are not just a boring, white piece of cloth anymore. Today, cloth diapers are sold in a variety of different colours and designs which makes them even prettier and nicer to look at for parents. At the same time, the child can explore the different figures and patterns on the cloth diaper. We know that you need many cloths, and that is why we sell up to 8 in a pack. They all come in different designs, so you do not end up with 8 of the  same cloth diapers.

Our popular cloth diapers from Pippi are made of 100% cotton – some of them eco-cotton – which is one of the most widespread textiles in the world. There is a reason for that! Cotton is known for being soft, breathable and especially comfortable and wear-resistant. The only disadvantage of cotton is that it can absorb a lot of water, and therefore takes a long time to dry. When you use cotton in cloth diapers, it is not a disadvantage in the same way, because the cloth diaper is not used the same way as cotton clothes.

You got everything?

Now you have figured your stock of cloth diapers but are you sure you don’t need anything else? Check out our big selection of pacifiers and comforters, which can make diaper change and bedtime more relaxed. What about a changing bag to pack everything in? When you have small children, there is a need for a lot of equipment, and you can get most of it at Coolshop. We have low prices and good discounts on most products.

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