Guitar strings


Have you ever broken a string in the middle of a good solo? I at least have, and I do not even play guitar. Whether you are a guitarist or not, it is never a fun experience. As a guitarist, luckily, it is significantly less of a problem, since you can easily and quickly order and attach a new one. We offer guitar strings in all sizes for acoustic, electric and classic guitars. Rotosound, Ernie Ball and Elixir deliver guitar strings in quality that satisfy professional guitarists like Eric Clapton, John Mayer and John Paul Jones – guitarists that are almost as good as you.

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“Why are there so many to choose from?!”

Basically, it is about different preferences for different guitarists. Some prefer thin guitar strings, while others play better on guitar strings that are thicker. You have already gotten a guitar, which you have played for the last 3 months constantly, for the joy of the whole neighbourhood, but it feels like you are missing something. Since you are the new Jimi Hendrix, you are obviously not the problem here. Which is why you should consider if the guitar strings you play on, are right for you. The most important thing is to get some guitar strings that fit your playing style, sound and, of course, also your skills.

But which ones are the right ones?

When it comes to guitar strings, – and generally music instruments – there is no simple answer. It is about what you, the guitarist, think. It is your hands that create magic that will give joy to your surroundings every time you take out “the tool”. It is just never as magical, as you want it, if guitar strings do not fit your hands. Even though we do not know how your hands are put together, it does not mean that we cannot give some pointers to whichever musical path you are taking.

Look at it as a computer game, where thin guitar strings are “easy” level and the thick guitar strings are “hard”. Same way as a computer game gives you better rewards, the higher difficulty level you play on, a guitar will give better sound, the thicker the guitar strings are. If this is your first guitar, we will recommend starting with thin guitar strings. Even though they do not give the same volume and sustain in the sound, as their thick cousins, they require less pressure to get sound out and to bend tones. They are therefore ideal, if you are still learning the basics. When you are ready to move up a level, you can change the guitar strings to thicker ones. They require more finger pressure to produce sound and to bend tones, so if you have not mastered that yet, this should be your focus. After all, you are not interested in getting a visit by the animal protection, because your neighbours think you are strangling a cat, right? When you figure it out, you will experience that the thick guitar strings give much more volume and sustain and do not break as easily. Practice, find your style and try many different thicknesses. You probably won’t get it on the first try, but when you do, the angels will sing for you.

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