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Suunto 9 - G1 Baro - Charcoal Black - Titanium



Suunto 9 Baro Titanium with textile strap, Suunto presents a completely new product line, which replaces the Suunto Spartan Ultra. So far, Suunto 3 fitness and Suunto 9 have been presented, but it does not take much imagination to imagine that there may …
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Suunto 9 Baro Titanium with textile strap, Suunto presents a completely new product line, which replaces the Suunto Spartan Ultra. So far, Suunto 3 fitness and Suunto 9 have been presented, but it does not take much imagination to imagine that there may also be models that lie between Suunto 3 and Suunto 9. However, it is certain that Suunto 9 will be the absolute top model at Suunto .

In general

Bezel material: grade 5 titanium
Sapphire crystal
Watch case material: Fiberglass reinforced polyamide
Watch strap material: Nylon
Weight: 76 g
Fits wrists with a circumference of: 130-230 mm
Belt width: 24 mm
Built-in optical heart rate monitor
Personal dials
Touch display with the option to lock it during training
Color display
Vibration alarm
Automatic daylight saving mode
Waterproof to 100 m (ISO 6425)
Rechargeable lithium battery
Time and date
1 configurable alarm (alarm clock)
Dual time
Automatic time
Countdown timer
Languages EN, CS, DA (Danish), DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, JA, KO, NL, NO, PL, PT, RU, SV, ZH *
Backlight: LED
configurable backlight brightness
Lock buttons during training
Display type: matrix
Display resolution 320 x 300
Battery indicator icon


Smartphone compatible with iPhone and Android
Smartphone notifications on the watch
Compatible with online sports services such as: Strava, TrainingPeaks, MapMyFitness and more
Compatible with Suunto Movescount
Connectivity between devices: Bluetooth Smart
Compatible with Suunto Movescount app
Clock notifications with the Suunto App
Software updates from the cloud
Battery life

Training mode with GPS: 25/40/120 hours
With 24/7 activity measurement and smart notifications: up to 7 days
As a regular watch: Up to 14 days
Intelligent battery modes

Digital compass
Slope compensation
North indicator
Compass accuracy: 5 °
Compass resolution: 1 °

Activity tracking

Daily resting heart rate
Calorie consumption based on heart rate
Activity goals for steps and calories

Sleep monitoring

Average heart rate during sleep
Duration of sleep
Outdoor features

GPS tracking & navigation

Satellite system: GPS
GPS settings: Best, Good, OK
Waypoint and visual route navigation
Zoom in navigation
Auto zoom based on the route
Bread crumb sport in real time
Route planning with elevation profile
Outdoor maps from satellite: terrain and topography online from Mapbox, Google Maps & Android
Route planning with heatmaps
Personal route library on the clock
Point of Interest (POI) navigation
GPS track analysis
Save, view and share GPS tracks
Intelligent battery modes: Performance, Endurance, Ultra, Custom


Barometric height
GPS altitude
Combined barometric and GPS altitude (FusedAlti ™)
Height in "everyday mode"
Total ascent and descent during activity
Vertical speed during activity
Automatic alti / baro profile
Recording interval: 1 s
Resolution: 1 m
Range: -500 - 9999 m


Sunrise / sunset times
Storm alarm
Air pressure at sea level
Automatic alti / baro profile
Temperature range: -20 ° C to + 60 ° C
Temperature solution: 1 ° C /
Air pressure solution: 1 hPa
Elevation curves for training in Move summary

Training functions

Interval training

Set intervals directly on the clock
Interval guide during training

Heart rate measurement on the wrist
Compatible with Bluetooth heart rate belts
Heart rate variability (RR) with Suunto Smart Sensor heart rate belt
Pulse in beats per. minute
Pulse under water only with Suunto Smart Sensor heart rate belt
Graph of heart rate in real time
Training effect
Personal heart rate zones

Speed and distance

Cadence based speed and distance
GPS speed and distance
Foot POD support Bluetooth Smart
Manual laps
Analysis of pace, speed and route on maps


Exercise-based recovery times
Daily overview of recovery time
Feeling / mood is stored on the watch after than training
Training amount

Logbook with Move details on the watch
Move summary with patch details on the watch
Training amount with totals on the watch
Training logbook with an overview of long periods
Training analysis with graphs, charts, tables, maps and totals
Insight into totals by sport

Save and relive

Move sharing to social media
Move assessment and comments
Follow other members and get feedback



Pool swimming: pace and distance
Openwater swimming: pace and distance
Pulse under water with Suunto Smart Sensor heart rate belt
Swimming time per. path, lap and total
Swim cadence, number and type
Automatic intervals
Interval lap schedule
Lap chart for swim analysis with cadence and pace
Interval guide with swim pace / duration / distance directly on the watch


Average speed
Compatible with speed / cadence sensors via Bluetooth Smart (not included)
Compatible with wattmeter via Bluetooth Smart (not included)
Power (watts), maximum and average with Bluetooth Smart wattmeter (not included)
Lap and Lap Maximum power (with wattmeter)
Power distribution and graphs with wattmeter attached (on Suunto Movescount.com)
Peak Power curve for maximum power with wattmeter attached (on Suunto Movescount.com)
Lap chart with average heart rate, watts and speed in real time
Interval guide with watts / speed / pulse on the watch


Suunto FusedSpeed ™
Running power / watt with Stryd sensor (not included)
Automatic calibration of foot pod
Lap comparisons
Average and max lap pace in real time
Interval guide with pace, heart rate and distance on the watch

Change sports mode during activity
Pre-installed multisport mode
Analysis of multi-tracks


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Suunto 9 - G1 Baro - Charcoal Black - Titanium
30. March 2021
Charcoal Black
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