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Retro is the new black. It means that even if something is technologically a parent, it can still be improved and re-released in a new version. Record players are, of course, no exception. When you set a vinyl plate on at home, the whole house will buzz with the good old days. That time when the summer was long, and the winter was crazy cold. Everyone in town knew each other, and people called each other Mr and Ms, and kids played with each other and not with iPads. You light up the pipe, pour a glass of sherry and realise that we actually also have a lot of good things today – especially now when the record player is back.

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Modern record players – retro sound

Past have come into the present, and the record player is back in the living rooms. Even though the options for music are infinitely bigger today than they were back then, we have always had a fondness for retro things, and the record player is no exception. The common feature for all record players is the sound. There is, of course, a difference in sound, all depending on how good of a record player you choose, but the sound is primarily defined by the vinyl plate, which is unfortunately not exactly the same quality as HQ streaming services today. So your biggest choice, when you are choosing a record player from our selection, is aesthetic and functionality.

The right record player

If you want a record player you will be happy about, it should also fit in your home. We know that no two homes are the same, so we have gathered a wide selection of record players, so you can find the one that fits you and your home best. Daydream back to the happy sixties with a sixties-inspired record player. Go on a vacation at a seaside resort in the fifties with a travel record player in stylish attaché design. If you want the record player to be very modern, look at this model – it fits into any modern home. No matter which record player you choose, you will get high quality and great design. Most of our record players have built-in USB connection, so you can easily copy your vinyl plate to mp3 or CD.

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